Extra Credit CECH Sessions  

Those who have attended or will attend one of our seminars in 2023, either on-site or virtually, qualify for up to 6 additional CECH credits for free! The free credits are available after attending a seminar. Please read these instructions to the end and follow them accurately when you are ready to begin .

Earning the Credits . . .

  • There are 3 sessions available for a total of 6 free CECH credits. The lecture sessions were recorded from the 2021 Sanibel seminar. Each session consists of 6-7 video lectures, totaling 2 hours for each session.
  • Each of the 3 sessions can be viewed in any order. You can complete just one or all three sessions as you need. Sessions can not be repeated for additional credits.
  • After each lecture in a session there is a 5-question multiple choice quiz which must be passed with a score of at least 80% in order to proceed to the next lecture.
  • You can view all the lectures and complete the quizzes in a session at once if time allows you, or you can exit after completing a lecture and return at another time and pick up where you left off as long as you use the same computer/device that you started with.
  • After viewing each lecture and passing the quizzes for a session, you qualify for 2 CECH credits.
  • At the completion of the 2-hour session, you can then proceed to the next slide in which you will enter your name, email address, the seminar you attended and, optionally, your contact phone number.
  • Your info will be sent to us when you click the link to “Send Email”. Once you complete the process you will receive a certificate by email within 48 hours for the 2 credit hours earned. 
  • When you are ready to begin, click the thumbnail or title below of the session you wish to view.
Helpful Tips . . .

  • We highly recommend using a computer/laptop to view and complete the sessions using Google Chrome. Please do not use a phone (iPhone or Android). Problems have been reported using phones.
  • It is advisable to complete an entire session at once even though it is possible stop a session and continue where you left off later as long as you are using the same computer/laptop that you used to begin that session.
  • The lecture videos and quizzes for each session must be viewed and completed in the order presented. It is not possible to skip ahead.
  • The instructions for viewing each session are also at the beginning of the session pages.
  • Please call us if you have questions or concerns regarding this process.

• Wart Treatment Options and Advances - McGlamry
• PRP Tendon and Joint Injuries - Castellano
• Ganglion Cysts: When to Operate - Mahan-Madden
• Lesion Directed 5th Toe Surgery - Stapp
• 1st MTPJ Silicone Implants: What Is Their Current Role? - Downey
• Bone Biopsy and Culture Guidelines in Suspected Osteomyelitis - Stapp 

• Aneurysmal Bone Cysts –Roman
• Predislocation Syndrome: Dorsal vs Plantar Approach – Brosky, II
• Freiburg Disease, Brosky, II
• Where does the Base Wedge Fit in HAV Surgery? –Mahan
• Hallux Varus Repair Options – Mahan-Madden
• 1st MPJ Arthrodesis for HAV - TBrosky, II
• Juvenile HAV – Mahan

• Keller Effective Treatment for IPJ Ulcerations - McGlamry
• Percutaneous Management of Diabetic Foot Ulcers – Stapp
• Vasculopaths: When a Foot/Ankle I&D Wont do the Trick, - Mahan
• Neuropathic 1st MPJ Arthrodesis Complications – Brosky, II
• Surgical Complications in the Neuropathic Foot - Stapp
• Smoking and Lower Extremity Surgery - Brosky, II
• Akin Osteotomy: Role, Indication and Tips - Castellano

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