Continuing Education Credit Hour Videos  

Please read these instructions to the end and follow them accurately.

Earning the Credits . . .

  • There are 10 sessions available for a total of 20 CECH credits. The lecture sessions were recorded from various Podiatry Institute seminars. The 1st session is a 2-hour lecture, "Opioids and Postoperative Pain Management: A 2022 Review for Podiatric Physicians and Surgeons" by Brandon Brooks, DPM. The next 9 sessions consist of 5-7 video lectures, totaling 2 hours for each session. 
  • Click here to view a separate PDF of the lecture titles within each session. The PDF is for viewing only to help you decide which sessions are of interest to you. Lecture titles cannot be mixed and matched between sessions.
  • Sessions can be viewed in any order. You can complete as few or as many sessions as you need. Sessions can not be repeated for additional credits.
  • After each lecture there is a 5-question multiple choice quiz which must be passed with a score of at least 80% in order to proceed to the next lecture. The opioid lecture is followed by a 10-question quiz which requires at least an 80% score to qualify for the 2 hours CECH credits.
  • After viewing each lecture and passing the quizzes for a session, you qualify for 2 CECH credits. The fee for each session is $60.00 which will be payable at the successful completion of a session through a link to "add to cart".
  • Your cart is located on the Podiatry Institute website. Go to and click the "View Cart" tab towards the upper right side of your screen from the computer/device that you originally used to complete the session(s). When you have completed the number of sessions you want, follow the instructions to checkout and make payment.
  • Once we receive your payment, we will email you a certificate to the email you provide for the number of credit hours earned.
  • We will also email you a survey to fill out and return to us.
  • When you are ready to begin, click the thumbnail or title below of the session you wish to view.
Helpful Tips . . .

  • We highly recommend using a computer/laptop to view and complete the sessions using Google Chrome. Please do not use a phone (iPhone or Android). Problems have been reported using phones.
  • It is advisable to complete an entire session at once even though it is possible stop a session and continue where you left off later as long as you are using the same computer/laptop that you used to begin that session.
  • The lecture videos and quizzes for each session must be viewed and completed in the order presented. It is not possible to skip ahead.
  • The instructions for viewing each session are also at the beginning of the session pages.
  • Please call us if you have questions or concerns regarding this process.

New Opioid 2024 Session Now Added

Seminar Session expires 04/27
In this 2-hour lecture, Dr. Brooks takes a deep dive into the literature and reveals pertinent prescribing pearls from the latest and greatest studies on opioid prescribing in foot and ankle surgery. It is followed by a 10-question quiz which must be passed with at least an 80% score to receive 2 CECHs.

01 Opioid Lecture, Brooks - Disclosures - None

New Park City 2023 Session Now Added

Seminar Session expires 02/26
• Interdigital Maceration2 - Ravenell
• HAV Principles of Correction - Giakoumis
• MIS Bunion Surgery - Penvose
• Hallux Limitus vs. Rigidus - Camasta
• Chronic Tendinosis or Fasciosis Office Procedure Treatment - Ryan
• Peroneal Tendon Repairs - Hatchett

• Exertional Compartment Syndrome - Lott

02 Park City 2023 – Disclosures
  Ravenell – None
  Giakoumis– None
  Penvose – None
  Camasta – None
  Ryan – None

  Hatchett - None
  Lott - None

03 Phoenix 2021 has expired and has been replaced with 03 Portland, ME 2023

Seminar Session expires 04/26
• Double Hindfoot Arthrodesis – Ravenel
• Equinus: What They Did Not Teach You in School – Camasta 
• Failed 1st MTPJ Implants – Thomas 
• Interdigital Macerations: Not Just Tinea – Ravenell
• Management of Peripheral Neuropathy – Stapp

03 Portland ME 2023 - Disclosures
  Ravenell – Geistlich, Integra
  Camasta - None
  Thomas - None
  Stapp – None

Seminar Session expires 06/24
 • Biointegrative Fixation Technology - Marcoux
• The Dreaded Intractable Plantar Keratoma - Ravenell
• Non-Unions Simplified - Downey
• Charcot Stage 0: Make the EARLY Diagnosis - Brosky
• Injectable Calcium Phosphate: Tool for Management of Osteomyelitis - Block 
• Brodie’s Abscess: An Interesting Case - Brosky

04 Hilton Head 2021 – Disclosures
  Marcoux – None
  Ravenell – Geistlich, Integra
  Downey – None
  Brosky – None
  Block – Medtronic

Seminar Session expires 09/24
• Modified Flexor Tendon Transfer - Banks
• First Ray Complications - McGlamry
• Most Reliable Procedure 2nd MPJ Subluxation/Dislocation - Banks
• DFWO: Making It Look Easy -  McGlamry
• What is More Important – Reduction of the IM or Rotation of the Metatarsal? - Banks
• Treatment Options for Plantar Fasciitis - Roman
• HAV with Met Adductus - Neilson

05 San Diego 2021 – Disclosures
  Banks – None
  McGlamry – None
  Roman – None
  Neilson – None

Seminar Session expires 11/24
• Wart Treatment Options and Advances - McGlamry
• PRP Tendon and Joint Injuries - Castellano
• Ganglion Cysts: When to Operate - Mahan-Madden
• Lesion Directed 5th Toe Surgery - Stapp
• 1st MTPJ Silicone Implants: What Is Their Current Role? - Downey
• Bone Biopsy and Culture Guidelines in Suspected Osteomyelitis - Stapp 

06 Sanibel 2021 – Disclosures
  McGlamry – None
  Castellano – None
  Mahan-Madden – None
  Stapp – Tenex Health
  Downey – None

Seminar Session expires 11/24
• Aneurysmal Bone Cysts –Roman
• Predislocation Syndrome: Dorsal vs Plantar Approach – Brosky, II
• Freiburg Disease, Brosky, II
• Where does the Base Wedge Fit in HAV Surgery? –Mahan
• Hallux Varus Repair Options – Mahan-Madden
• 1st MPJ Arthrodesis for HAV - TBrosky, II
• Juvenile HAV – Mahan

07 Sanibel 2021 – Disclosures
  Roman – None
  Brosky – None
  Mahan – None
  Mahan-Madden – None

Seminar Session expires 11/24
• Keller Effective Treatment for IPJ Ulcerations - McGlamry
• Percutaneous Management of Diabetic Foot Ulcers – Stapp
• Vasculopaths: When a Foot/Ankle I&D Wont do the Trick, - Mahan
• Neuropathic 1st MPJ Arthrodesis Complications – Brosky, II
• Surgical Complications in the Neuropathic Foot - Stapp
• Smoking and Lower Extremity Surgery - Brosky, II
• Akin Osteotomy: Role, Indication and Tips - Castellano

08 Sanibel 2021 – Disclosures
  McGlamry – None
  Stapp – Tenex Health
  Mahan – None
  Brosky – None
  Castellano – None

09 Newport 2021 has expired and has been replaced with 09 Newport 2023

Seminar Session expires 04/26
• The Keller Arthroplasty - Jimenez
• Hibbs and Jones Procedures - Alder
• Is Lateral Release in HAV Surgery Always Necessary? - Weinstein
• Hallux Varus - Phillips
• Pediatric Flatfoot Surgery - Thomas
• Pathology of the Tibial and Fibular Sesamoids - Phillips 

09 Newport 2023 – Disclosures
  Jimenez - None
  Alder - None
  Weinstein - None
  Phillips - None 

  Thomas - None

10 Newport 2021 has expired and has been replaced with 10 Chicago 2023

Seminar Session expires 04/26
• My Most Challenging Forefoot Cases – Morgan
• Nail Surgery Ideas from the Derm World – Vlahovic
• Met Adductus Surgical Intervention – Baxter
• Current Concepts: Cartilage Restoration – Caudell
• Perioperative Management of the Foot and Ankle Surgery Patient – Stapp 
• Cost Effective Technique for Transverse Lesser MTPJ Deformities – Stapp

10 Chicago 2023 – Disclosures
  Morgan - Trice Medical (Tenex Health) - KOL
  Vlahovic - Ortho Dermatologics, Bako, Sagis
  Baxter - None
  Caudell - None

  Stapp - MTP Solutions, Smith+Nephew

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