The 4th Edition of McGlamry's Comprehensive Textbook of Foot & Ankle Surgery is no longer available. A new 5th Edition will be available soon. Check back often for details.

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The P.I. Manual, 2nd Edition: A Handbook of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery

The Podiatry Institute, 336 pages, illustrated, 2008.
The PI Manual, Second Edition incorporates 50 pages of new material which encompasses topics not covered in the first edition and an expansion of the other timely topics into an overall update of all the material. Particular topics of interest include external fixation, antibiotic therapy, orthobiologics, disability and rehabilitation, evidence-based medicine and the hierarchy of clinical evidence. Numerous illustrations have been added and all the illustrations have been revised and redrawn. The use of charts and tables has been increased in an effort to convey the information in a more user-friendly fashion. A comprehensive index makes this an excellent pocket reference guide for students, residents, and podiatric physicians. The PI Manual, 2nd Edition remains the ultimate board review study guide.

Use it for: Board Review, Residency Interviews, Daily Clinical Reference.


  1. Selected Anatomy & Normal Physiology
  2. Basic Pathophysiology
  3. Selected Diseases and Pathological Conditions
  4. Selected Diagnostic Techniques
  5. The Perioperative Patient
  6. Fundamental Techniques and Procedures
  7. Basic Reconstructive Foot and Ankle Surgery
  8. Major Reconstructive Foot and Ankle Surgery
  9. Congenital Deformities and Juvenile Surgery
  10. Management of Foot and Ankle Trauma
  11. Foot and Ankle Disability and Rehabilitation
  12. Evidence-Based Medicine and Clinical Research 

Internal Fixation Workbooks
$75 each

Basic - The Podiatry Institute, Illustrated, 2008
Advanced - The Podiatry Institute, Illustrated, 2009

The Internal Fixation Workbooks give step-by-step instructions for reviewing the applied principles of internal fixation. An excellent resource, the text covers: instrumentation; screw specifications; lag screw fundamentals; fixation in first metatarsal osteotomies, oblique osteotomies and fractures; arthrodesis techniques; trauma of the forefoot, rearfoot, and ankle, as well as plate fixation. The advanced course workbook deals exclusively with hind foot and ankle techniques. 

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